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Monday, October 8, 2007

Ryan Adams Easy Tiger

This is an album that I could not wait for to come out. It always sucks when you get your hopes up for an album then it doesn't reach your expectations. I fell in love with Ryan Adams the day I heard Heartbreaker, and proceeded to buy everything else I was missing from his catalogue. Those are purchases that I do not regret at all. When Ryan gave us the trio of Cold Roses, Jacksonville, and 29 I was the most musically satisfied I had been in a long long time. There is plenty of time between 29 and Easy Tiger to compulsively listen and relate to all the previous. So when Easy Tiger Tuesday came I did the I cant wait to listen to the whole thing right away so I'll just listen to the opening of each song. This is the worst mistake I've ever made with any album. I've owned Time Out Of Mind since it came out and I just realized Cold Irons Bound is so kick-ass. Anyway my point is that you should get your mitts on this album anyway you can.

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what the.......

King Tubby

King Tubby
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Shake Your Goddamn Hips!

Shake Your Goddamn Hips!